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ergo pro desktop

Get Closer

with the Ergo Edge™ Desktop.

Providing optimal ergonomic wrist and forearm positioning for superior in-game performance and comfort. The unique ergonomic design means you’ll comfortably reach 22% more of the gaming desktop. Game on. Strain off.

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evoguard desktop surface

Laser Accuracy

with the EvoGuard™ Finish.

A tough-as-nails gaming desk with a smooth, stylish finish. The surface is finely textured with thousands of microscopic, high-intensity light reflecting points, creating the perfect surface for next-generation gaming mice tracking capabilities.

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adjustable gaming desk frame

Future Proof.

The Evolution™ Frame System.

Adjusting the gaming desk is "level-1" simple. Press a button and the Evodesk moves to a favorite position for the ultimate ergonomic gaming posture. The Evodesk smart frame also expands laterally to support any desktop 48-90 inches long. And at full expansion, it’s still strong enough to lift even the most epic gaming setup. Strength and adaptability. It’s how you win.

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smart pass cable management gaming desk

Go Stealth

with SmartPass™ & Cable Management.

Achieve ultimate focus. Keep cables organized and out of sight. Cords are snaked through the Smartpass™ cable pass-through then bundled in the Cable Management Tray. Wires stay off the floor and out of your mind to put the focus on domination.

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Clear the board

with Evodesk Monitor Arms.

Elevate your monitor and your gaming skills with Evodesk monitor arms. Clear off desk space and fluidly reposition the screen for improved eye comfort and focus. Single or dual monitor arms keep the gaming desk as pristine as a character on a winning streak.

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gaming desk monitor arms
real wood desktops

Customize & Conquer

with Thousands of Different Configurations.

You spend the time creating characters from the ground up — why settle on a cookie-cutter desk? Build the ultimate gaming desk with over 8,000 unique Evodesk combinations just waiting to be crafted into the ultimate loot: a rig that’s stylized just for you. Characters needs the right gear to be lethal, a gaming desk is no exception.

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standing desk benefits

Sit. Stand. Dominate.

Improve your HP and your character’s XP. Stand, stretch your legs and still stay in the game. Even while leveling, press the power height adjustable button, and the gaming desk rises up or down at 1.5 inches per second to one of 250 different height positions. Standing breaks give a ton of bonuses like improved mood, concentration, creativity and focus. Also, medical researchers have found that standing a few times per hour is better than once-a-day exercise so you and your character can both buff up. Elevate your game.

What Evodesk Customers are saying

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"Loving my new @evodesk so glad I chose the ergo edge and the cable tray for that clean look "

"@JoeKaiserSports @cfrelund Bought a stand/sit desk from @evodesk and it changed my world. Changed.My.World."

"Amazing details ! Great product and customer service ! Highly recommend @evodesk #evodesk thanks ! #happy #geek "

"I am standing up for my work these days, thanks to @evodesk"

"Loving my new @evodesk!!"

Select & Customize

Your Gaming Desk Configuration

Because it’s never been “just a game,” we built the ultimate gaming desks designed with our fan-favorite features. Customize and conquer.

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48 inch ergo gaming desks


Level 1

High-performance gaming needs a high-performance gaming desk. Ergo Edge™ is equipped to decrease wrist discomfort and increase the win-rate.

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60 inch ergo gaming desk


Level 2

Engineered to outlast opponents, climb into the Ergo Edge™ cockpit, adjust the monitor arm, and snowball the enemy.

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60 inch ergo gaming dual


Level 3

Experience a gaming desk equipped with dual monitor arms and Ergo Edge™ for maximum comfort and maximum gaming potential.

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studio l gaming desks


Level 4

Sounds will strike at full force with the Harman Kardon® Integrated Sound System. You’ll swear you are standing in the game.

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