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No matter where it is, it's your home base. You're busy, lots to do. But you always come back to your desk, because it's your space. Designed by you, made by us, it's timeless, it's today. It's your Evodesk.

Explore all the ways to make Evodesk your desk today.

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More Power. More Style.

Elevate Your Expectations

Press a button and EvoDesk zooms to your choice of 250 different sitting and standing positions. The speed at which Evodesk moves is an amazing 1.5 inches per second. With a 50” maximum height, Evodesk is perfect for everyone. Evodesk also has the highest weight capacity in its class. You can load Evodesk with 355 pounds so it’s strong enough to lift all of your most prized possessions. So go ahead and get that 2nd or 3rd giant monitor, attach your PC and connect your Harmon Kardon sound system. Evodesk lifts it all without breaking a sweat.

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Sustainably designed. Stunningly Crafted.

With a focus on sustainable design, we took a bold step in a new direction offering three premium desktop materials designed to inspire.

  • desktop cascade rubberwood
  • desktop cascade rubberwood
  • desktop cascade rubberwood
rubberwood desktop swatches - evodesk

Renew™ recycled wood

Polar White / Slate Grey / Carbon Black

Our 100% recycled and reclaimed wood desktops are sourced from forestry operations, orchard pruning, sawmills and construction sites. The material diverted from landfills is closely inspected and then CNC machined to exacting specifications. This precision allows the addition of those important small details like comfort edges and soft radius corners.

rubberwood desktop swatches - evodesk

Genuine Rubberwood

Light / Medium / Dark

This gorgeous wood looks a lot like oak but is highly sustainable. After 30 years of latex production, rubber trees must be replaced with new ones. Instead of burning them, they’re sent to Evodesk where they are converted into desktops with a dense, warm grain that’s protected by a solvent-free and UV-cured durable finish.

rubberwood desktop swatches - evodesk

Genuine Bamboo

Light / Medium / Dark

The calming, natural tones of Bamboo deliver style, serenity and an ageless beauty to any space. Growing up to 39 inches in a single day, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth. We select the highest-grade premium bamboo and apply a solvent-free and UV-cured durable finish.

One Frame. Future Proof.

Highly Expandable Frame System

Your life is continuosly evolving. That's why we made the Evolution™ frame to evolve with your lifestyle. Fully adjustable, highly customizable, this may be the last desk you'll ever need to buy.

evolution frame center crossbar evolution frame left side evolution frame right side
performance design

Expandable Frame System

For Desktop Sizes 48" - 90"

All standing desks move up and down. But only the Evolution™ frame system also moves laterally. Capable of expanding from 48" to 90" desktops with ease.

performance design

Performance Driven

Strength, Speed, & Style

Designed for maximum structural integrity, the Evolution™ frame features double steel wall tubing boasting a conservative 355 lbs. weight capacity. All while transitioning gracefully at a best in class 1.5 inches per second.

your style standing desk frame

Your Style First

Customize Every Detail & Option

It's your desk, it should be your style. Customize your Evodesk using our award-winning configurator to create over 200,000 unique standing desk combinations.

evoedge desktop

Goodbye 70’s Style Laminate

We Keep it Real.

Part of evolution is becoming something better. That’s why we created something better for people and the planet. We cut out toxic chemicals like urea formaldehyde, solvents, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). All desktops are finished in the United States without the use of toxic chemicals. There are no harmful gasses or strange odors. There is no plastic laminate, no plastic-edge banding and no excuses. Evodesk has created over 20 high quality desktops - from modern seamless designs to the more traditional warmth of genuine wood. Our Renew desktops are finished with EvoGuard™, a seamless solvent-free coating that fully encapsulates each desktop. Our rubberwood and bamboo desktops are finished with a transparent ultraviolet cured and solvent-free coating that brings out the warmth and beauty only provided by real wood.

white standing desk

No More Seams or Sharp Edges

Truly Immersive Design

Laminate desktops are limited to rectangle shapes with sharp edges and corners that make for a truly uncomfortable work experience. We wanted to make Evodesk extremely comfortable for long periods of use. Sharp edges were replaced with contoured edges that make resting your wrists and forearms comfortable for long hours at work or play. The latest innovation is our Ergo desktop. The CNC machined ergonomic inset forms a functional standing desk cockpit. Get closer to your work increases productivity by allowing you to reach 22% more of your desktop with ease.

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posi-loc steel desktop inserts posi-loc steel desktop inserts

A Desktop Designed to Last

Posi-Loc™ Steel
Desktop Inserts

Posi-Loc™ Steel desktop inserts were designed specifically for our Renew™ desktops to ensure maximum strength and stability in any position. Proprietary, corrosion resistant, externally machined threads provide superior holding power, so you can assemble and disassemble as often as you like with no loss in strength. Designed to stay as strong as the day you bought it, your Renew desktop is ready to go wherever life takes you.

smart cable pass

A Smarter Cable Pass-through

SmartPass™ Standard

The organization of computer cables is often an afterthought. We designed Evodesk from the ground up to control the cable chaos. Cables trailing over the back of a standing desk can be damaged when near a wall. Plus it just doesn’t look good. A proper cable management system starts with a smartly designed cable pass-through.

The SmartPass design not only works better but looks better too. Cable connectors are rectangles. We started by changing the conventional round pass through shape to a rectangle. We then made it larger. We CNC machined a spacious 3” x 6” pass-through on every desktop. Passing through multiple large DVI connectors is now a breeze. We then machine and finish a matching cover to perfectly compliment the desktop. The cover can be slid forward or back for added flexibility. Cables can exit the front or back of the opening.

smart cable pass

"There are several manufacturers that make standing desks, but I chose this one -- it’s the Lamborghini of standing desks -- super sleek."

entreprenuer logo

"@JoeKaiserSports @cfrelund Bought a stand/sit desk from @evodesk and it changed my world. Changed.My.World."

Score of 90/100: "Adjustable, stable, and smooth, the EvoDesk is a potent and well designed sit/stand gaming desk…”

pc gamer logo

"Gotta say that my initial impression of our new @evodesk's is outstanding. Fast adjustment, great finish, quick shipping."

"Amazing details ! Great product and customer service! Highly recommend @evodesk #evodesk thanks! #happy #geek "

Standard Evodesk Standing Desk


Available in 48", 60", or 72"
with optional Ergo Edge™

Sleek looks. Smooth performance. Quality materials. Best-in-class performance, stylish design, and a smart expandable frame allow the Evodesk to evolve with you. With a 50" maximum height and the highest weight capacity in its class, Evodesk exceeds expectations. All at the unbeatable price starting at just $599. It’s easy to understand why the Evodesk Rectangle is our most popular standing desk.

Ergo Edge™ available only on the Renew™ recycled wood desktops.

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Standard Evodesk Standing Desk

Evodesk Studio L™

72" with Ergo Edge™

Sometimes you just need more room for all of those brilliant ideas— and maybe even an extra monitor or two. If you want a massive working surface, check out our most recent standing desk, the Evodesk Studio L™. It has everything that makes the Evodesk a force to be reckoned with — best-in-class performance, a slick design and an expandable frame — combined with a huge, highly functional L-shaped desktop. Customizable for lefties or righties and styled with Ergo Edge™ as a standard feature, you get an expansive desk for expansive potential.

Studio L™ is available only on the Renew™ recycled wood desktops

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Evodesk XE

Evodesk XE™

Your Desk, Transformed

The all-new Evodesk XE turns any desk into an adjustable height desk. It’s the answer for those who feel stuck with their existing desk but want to add life-enhancing movement to their day. The XE takes your desk to new heights with the power-adjusting technology, high-quality materials, and sophisticated design Evodesk is known for.

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Standard Evodesk Standing Desk

Evodesk Pro™

Available in 48", 60", or 72"
with optional Ergo Edge™

The new Evodesk Pro pairs power-adjustable height with brawn to build upon its enduring legacy as the best value in electric adjustable desks. That legacy is elevated by an all new design delivering increased power and stability. Four microprocessor-controlled lifting columns arranged in unique 45 degree geometry offer a visual cue of increased potential.

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adjustable height evodesk

Storage Made easy

Increased Storage Capacity

Sometimes more is more, and you just need every square inch of your desktop. The Pod, Pod Plus and Highrise let you move your monitor and speakers off your desktop, and store your other critical tools under your desktop, giving you a clean surface to get right down to it.

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Systematically Enhanced.

All the Right Tools Onboard

We offer a number of standing desk options to make Evodesk even more enjoyable. Choose from our popular choices such as the programmable memory controller, cable management tray, monitor arms, or our latest innovation, the integrated Harmon Kardon sound system.

evodesk programmable controller

Digital Programmable Controller

The perfect position. Every time.

Our most popular option, the Programmable Controller lets you store four positions height positions of your choice. Glide to the perfect sitting or standing heights with the press of a button. Save and store your favorite four positions, so you never have to guess again.

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ergo keyboard standing desk option

Evo Keyboard Platform

Greater Comfort. All Day Long.

Whether you are standing or sitting, the Evo Keyboard Platform is designed for your perfect, ergonomically correct position. Simply slide the Evo Keyboard Platform out from under your desk and position it for maximum comfort with minimal effort.

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monitor arm options

Sustainable Wood Desktops

Available in Rubberwood or Bamboo

Choose from a selection of natural wood desktops for a truly personalized aesthetic. Handcrafted from sustainably-sourced materials like rubberwood and bamboo for a truly unique selection of desktops for every style. Protected by a solvent-free, UV-cured finish, Evodesk sustainable wood desktops are built for lasting impressions.

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harman kardon sound system integrated


Perfect Sound. Perfect Location.

Designed for both form and function, the Harman Kardon satellite speakers and subwoofer deliver world-class sounds with a major wow factor. See why the transparent, minimalistic design is a permanent feature in the New York City Museum of Modern Art.

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 ergo edge desktop option

Ergo Edge™ Desktop

More comfort. More reach.

Improve your comfort, productivity, and effortlessly reach 22% more of your desktop with the Ergo Edge’s unique shape and angled palm rest. Crafted to follow the natural curve of your body, this ergonomically superior desktop gets you in the optimal human position.

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monitor arm options

Evo Monitor Arms

Free up valuable desk space.

Free up your desktop and ease eye strain with space-saving monitor arms. Adjustable. Dynamic. Multiple monitors can make you more productive whether you are converting spreadsheets or gaming while watching a tutorial. More arms means more screen.

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highrise desk platform storage

Highrise Desktop

Control the Clutter

Control the clutter and use your entire desk. At 48 inches wide and a foot deep, there's room for monitors, speakers, and anything else you need close, but not too close.

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pod plus quick access storage

Pod Plus

Out of sight, out of mind

When you need it, but you don’t want to see it, the Pod Plus gives you 2025 cubic inches of space (48Wx12Dx4H). Close enough to be ultimately convenient.

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pod quick access storage


Keep it close

Pod fits your needs perfectly, handily. 1175 cubic inches all within reach. Room for keeping the important stuff close by.

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cable management tray option

Cable Management System

Control Cable Chaos.

Clutter is not an option with the cable management tray. Your cords go through the SmartPass opening, run through the custom-made steel tray, and stay organized. You’ll never have to deal with unsightly dangling cables again, or any of the problems that go with them.

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evodesk caster wheels option

Evodesk Casters

Mobility Just Became Adjustable.

Turn your Evodesk into a mobile workstation with casters. Oversized 3" wheels are crafted for smooth, even rolling on any surface type. They swivel easily and dependably lock in place when you are ready to park. Glide into the future of standing desks with stylish casters.

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evo cpu pc mount

Evo CPU Mount

Space-saving organization

Protect your CPU and keep your PC tower close. Whether sitting or standing, the CPU is always in reach, rising and descending with your every move. Reduce dust intake and PC clutter all while keeping your tower securely fastened under the desktop.

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cable management tray option



The Freeport PowerDock provides 1870 watts of pure power through 8 surge-protected AC outlets and 4 fuse-protected USB outlets in one convenient station—the perfect way to enable your office desk for any task while protecting even your most sensitive devices.

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evodesk caster wheels option



The Freeport Plus offers all the advantages of our Freeport PowerDock, and adds a convenient front panel that brings 4 configurable high-speed USB ports and 2 standard audio jacks within easy reach. Hide away your CPU (with our space-saving CPU Mount option) and still have access to all its ports.

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evo cpu pc mount



Gently push the braided polyethylene monofilament together and it magically expands to 150% of its original size to contain the fast growing bundle of cords and cables found around modern workstations. Commonly used in aerospace, military and automotive applications.

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anti-fatigue standing mat

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Backed by Science

The SecondStance™ anti-fatigue mat allows you to stand comfortably for long periods of time. Its springy, yet cushy materials provide a secure, stable footing to ensure your feet remain in their optimal position for standing.

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treadmill standing walking desk option

Treadmill System

Customize Every Detail & Option

The Evodesk Treadmill takes your standing desk experience to the next level. A sleek, low profile, best-in-class treadmill allows you to exercise while working and make serious gains on both your health and your productivity.

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